Programme Description

»The programme offers the unique opportunity to train to become a truly international manager« – assessment of a former scholarship holder

Since 1984 the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has executed the special ”Language and Practical Experience in Japan” programme. It enables young German university graduates to familiarise them-selves with the Japanese language, economy and culture – and so acquire particular intercultural skills and competence for their future business careers in an international environment. The information displayed on this homepage provides a comprehensive guide to the content of the scholarship programme.

German graduates are given the opportunity to get to know the language, economy and culture of Japan and to prepare themselves for executive positions in an international environment.
Germany and Japan have traditionally enjoyed close ties, although there is a distinct imbalance in the relationship. In Germany, there are not enough qualified employees in the fields of business, management and the media who have a thorough understanding of Japan. This is in contrast to the knowledge that the Japanese have of Germany and the careful preparation that goes into their dealings with the German marketplace. The significance of Japan – the second largest industrial nation in the world – for Germany has long been apparent. But »Japan experts« – namely highlyqualified specialists with practical experience of everyday working life in Japan and whose language skills also include a command of the written language – are in short supply. This is detrimental to the future of the German economy in today’s Europe.

Young law, economics, science and engineering graduates about to embark on their careers.
Between 10 and 15 scholarships are awarded each year. Most candidates apply straight after (or just before) graduation. They are expected to have completed their studies promptly and gained an above average classification. The study of Japanese business, society and language should therefore build on a sound academic background. The scholarship holders are selected following an interview in Bonn with a specialist panel which comprises representatives from business and academia, as well as former scholarship holders.

Nine months language tuition, nine months work experience. Applicants are not expected to have prior knowledge of Japanese. In order to facilitate their entry into Japanese life, before commencing their language studies at the Tokyo School of the Japanese Language (the »Naganuma School«), scholarship holders attend an intensive Japanese course, which develops both oral and written skills, at the Japanese Centre of North-Rhine Westphalia’s Language Institute in Bochum.
The scholarship holders are closely looked after by the DAAD office in Tokyo. The DAAD offers a regional studies programme alongside the language course, with visits to companies and other excursions, in commercial and cultural centres outside Tokyo as well.
During the first phase of the programme, with the support of the DAAD office in Tokyo, scholarship holders look for a suitable work placement. Through temporary employment with a Japanese (or international) company, they are integrated into working practices and carry out professional tasks that build on their studies.